How UKHost4U delivers cost-effective cloud for TubeSpanner’s AI YouTube optimizer

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We love to promote the success stories of our cloud provider partners, but what we really love to see is how cloud providers use our technology to solve problems for their clients.

UKHost4U is a great example with its Platform as a Service cloud hosting project for TubeSpanner.

Optimizing YouTube

TubeSpanner is an easy-to-use tool that helps optimize YouTube videos and channels. In development since 2017, TubeSpanner uses AI to assist content creators with planning, scripting and publicizing their videos.

The TubeSpanner team, led by software engineer and influencer, Danielle Hallett, needed a cost-effective way to host this SaaS application. They found the ideal solution in UKHost4U’s elastic cloud hosting service, which runs on Virtuozzo Application Platform.

Cost-effective cloud application hosting

UKHost4U designed, implemented and supports the cloud infrastructure that TubeSpanner needs – including load balanced web servers, Galera clusters and node.js cloudlets for the AI components. The whole cloud stack connects to TubeSpanner’s Git repositories to enable continuous development and deployment.

“We looked at large cloud providers like AWS and Google, but unless you’re paying them five figures plus per month, you basically get no support,” explains Danielle. “Paul and the team at UKHost4U took care of it for us.”

“Even with tech-savvy customers like TubeSpanner, it’s not uncommon for them to look for help with the cloud infrastructure,” says Paul Hughes, CEO of UKHost4U. “We now run eight or nine different development, staging and production environments for TubeSpanner.”

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