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Virtuozzo Cloud Platform for VMware

Your self-service vCenter cloud management portal

Add secure self-service & flexible billing to VMware vCenter. Create a true cloud experience, reduce manual effort & increase sales.

Virtuozzo Cloud Platform for VMware

Rebrandable localizable UI

Virtuozzo Cloud Platform for VMware

Self-service VMs, VDCs & more​

Virtuozzo Cloud Platform for VMware

Multi tenancy with RBAC

Virtuozzo Cloud Platform for VMware

Cloud Director​ not required

Better cloud experience, no more missed revenue​.

VMware vCenter is a powerful virtualization platform but doesn’t offer the experience that cloud customers now expect. With Virtuozzo, you can turn vCenter into a full self-service cloud with automated orchestration, provisioning and billing.

Simplify vCenter management and sell new cloud services

Self-service public or private cloud

Customers can provision and manage their own cloud resources across one or many vCenter instances. Sell customizable VMs, VM instances, resource pools, VDCs, virtual private cloud and more.

Secure multi-tenancy

Use SAML, Yubikey, OAuth and TOTP as a first layer of security, and granular Role Based Access Control to manage customer access to resources and functionality. Logging and governance tools are included.

Flexible billing for vCenter resources

Give customers the billing terms that work for them, metered and calculated automatically. No more manual effort or missed revenue!

Localize and brand the experience

You can brand your portal, sell vCenter cloud in any language and currency, and customize it for different tiers of clients.

Centralized template management

VM application and OS templates can be deployed from a central library to any of your vCenter environments. You don’t waste time setting up separate libraries in multiple locations, or waste storage space through duplication.

Extend beyond vCenter

Enhance your vCenter environment with KVM cloud, private or public CDN, bare metal servers, and your own custom services based on scripts, third party software or professional services – all managed and provisioned through the same UI.

Technical Services Manager, Total Computers

Nick Fothergill

Technical Services Manager, Total Computers

“Using OnApp and VMware vCenter, we can offer an enhanced private cloud service that lets customers choose how much control they want – fully managed or self-managed, in any combination”

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