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Fast elastic hosting 
for WordPress
Fast elastic hosting for WordPress
On bare metal or
your hosting infra
On bare metal or your hosting infra
Full clustering &
multi-cloud support
Full clustering & multi-cloud support
True consumption
pricing for users
True consumption pricing for users

FREE until 30 September 2022​

Transform WordPress hosting today – sign up now!​

The production ready WordPress hosting solution

The WordPress economy exceeded $600bn, but most WordPress hosting is slow, insecure and expensive: it’s hard to manage for service providers, and doesn’t deliver the website performance and resilience that businesses need.

The Virtuozzo Application Platform solves all of these problems. Sell faster, more scalable, more secure WordPress hosting, and grow your hosting business!

No serious WordPress site belongs on shared hosting

Traditional shared hosting cannot deliver the performance and scalability your customers need. It’s harder to manage, too. With Virtuozzo you can simplify your operations and deliver exceptional performance to customers at the same time.


Make WordPress
more scalable

  • Automatic vertical scaling
  • Automatic horizontal scaling
  • Automatic clustering

Boost WordPress

  • Better page load times 
  • More requests per second
  • Deliver a better customer

Make WordPress
more efficient

  • 20x faster deployment 
  • 10x faster daily operations
  • Easier to support: consumes
    less resource too

Help your customers modernize
their applications.

Virtuozzo Application Platform for WordPress helps your customers build better software to drive new business opportunities and sales.

  • Accelerates their development process
  • Meets end-user needs for critical applications
  • Simplifies development of flexible applications by
    leveraging icroservces and APIs
  • Enables the move from mono-cloud to multi-cloud
  • Reduces their maintenance efforts

Help your business modernize
its infrastructure

Virtuozzo Application Platform for WordPress helps service providers build a better hosting infrastructure with more efficient utilization.

  • Accelerates your go-to-market
  • Provides an advantage over traditional
    hosting competitors
  • Enables you to offer multi-cloud solutions
  • Reduces your maintenance efforts

Built for performance, scale & high availability

High performance

High performance

High density elastic WordPress hosting on containers: fast and efficient hardware utilization

Highly scalable

Highly scalable

Clustered hosting with automatic vertical and horizontal scaling, to cope with any spike in website traffic

Secure and highly available

Secure and highly available

Fully isolated containers, container networks and policies, plus auto-failover and clustering, ensure security & uptime

Consumption based pricing

Flexible pricing models

Built-in billing with fixed subscriptions, pay-per-use packages and hybrid combination of both pricing methods

Improved User Experience

Virtuozzo fills a void in the next-gen WordPress hosting market – a gap between low-end shared hosting, and WordPress platforms that the mega-hosts deliver as a “new WordPress experience,” that are actually very costly and complex to develop. A next-gen platform is the only way to evolve for WordPress hosts.

  • Easy-to-use, unified WordPress management
  • Built-in monitoring, alerting, and metering
  • Intuitive and engaging digital experience
  • Designed to satisfy the needs of web agencies and their end-customers
  • More scalable, cost-effective, user-friendly alternative to legacy cPanel/Plesk approaches!

Virtuozzo Application Platform for WordPress is a new hosting and digital experience created for scaling and modernization.

It’s simple to adopt and migrate into for Hosting Providers and their customers, and enables you to compete with the mega-hosts by offering a more flexible and cost-effective WordPress hosting solution.

Virtuozzo Application Platform for WordPress​

A brand-new user interface designed 100% for WordPress customers

Easy to integrate

Easy to integrate

For serious WordPress users the CMS is just the foundation – so you also need to offer advanced container, database, CDN and other tools with your hosting service.

Virtuozzo makes it easy – and there’s a full API for custom integrations.

FREE until 30 September 2022​

Transform WordPress hosting today – sign up now!