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Cloud Database Management

Automated database provisioning, clustering, scaling & updates in hybrid and multi-cloud 

Database Platform-as-a-Service

Database-as-a-Service: automated clustering, scaling, updates & multi-region deployment

Databases with Cloud Flexibility

Virtuozzo Application Platform supports a wide range of databases to handle different data types and formats. Whether you have structured or unstructured data, utilize SQL or NoSQL databases, work with IoT-generated data, or require blockchain integration, our database solutions have got you covered.

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Ease of Use

Automated database provisioning, simplified migration and further lifecycle management using intuitive UI and API 

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Automated Scalability

Vertical and horizontal scaling provide sufficient resources for changing needs without overpaying for unused capacity 

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High Availability 

Pre-configured database clustering, including multi-region replication, to ensure maximum uptime 

Automated Database Provisioning and Clustering 

Database clustering is obligatory to ensure data availability and performance for high-load production applications. However, configuring a reliable cluster is not a trivial task, even for experienced developers and system administrators. To solve this problem, the Virtuozzo Application Platform enables pre-configured clustering of popular database solutions, so applications are highly available by default. 

Multi-Cloud Database Replication 

Enhance overall reliability and resilience by automatically distributing database workloads across multiple cloud regions. If one availability region experiences an outage or service disruption, databases replicated to other regions will keep functioning, minimizing downtime and ensuring continuous availability of critical applications and services. 

Database Platform-as-a-Service

Virtuozzo provides Database Platform-as-a-Service (dbPaaS) hosted and managed by our team, or as software that can be installed on your own infrastructure. The functionality of this platform enables companies to offer Database-as-a-Service to their customers or internal teams with minimal time and efforts investment.

Managed / Hosted dbPaaS

Managed / Hosted dbPaaS




Provided via Virtuozzo Hybrid Cloud or local Virtuozzo Managed Service Providers, so we take care of the underlying infrastructure, including hardware, networking, and storage, required to host and operate the database.

Installed and operated on your own hardware, on-premises or cloud-based. You are responsible for managing and maintaining the infrastructure on which the database system runs. 

and maintenance

Routine administrative tasks such as software updates, security patches, and system maintenance are taken care of by Virtuozzo. Database backups are automated and can be initiated via the UI. 

System maintenance and routine administrative tasks are performed by you but automated with PaaS software. Software updates and security patches are provided by Virtuozzo. Database backups are automated and can be initiated via the UI. 


Automatic vertical and horizontal scaling, allowing to scale database resources up or down as needed. Virtuozzo and our certified partners also handle the provisioning of additional resources within infrastructure.

Automatic vertical and horizontal scaling, allowing to scale database resources up or down as needed. You should perform infrastructure adjustments when more servers are required. 

and control

Managed dbPaaS provides convenience by handling infrastructure management and administration tasks, allowing you to focus more on data and application development. 

Self-service dbPaaS offers greater control and flexibility over the database system, including customizable configurations, software versions and infrastructure choices. 

Cost model

Pay-as-you-use pricing model, where you pay for the resources and services used. The cost includes infrastructure, software licenses and maintenance. 

Revenue-based or license per physical server. The package includes Virtuozzo platform support and upgrades. You purchase and further maintain the infrastructure.

Try Virtuozzo Cloud Database Management 

Database Platform-as-a-Service

Free 30 day trial of
managed hosted dbPaaS 

Try out Database Platform as a Service solution hosted and managed on Virtuozzo Hybrid Cloud for 30 days for free.

Database Platform-as-a-Service

Self-managed dbPaaS deployed
in your datacenter

Contact us to install and run Virtuozzo Database Platform as a Service on premise or on cloud infrastructure from AWS, GCP, Azure, Digital Ocean, Vultr.